Many international couples believe that marriage gives their partner an automatic ticket to U.S. residency or citizenship. The truth is, unfortunately, that even the fiancées and spouses of U.S. citizens have to follow a set of sponsorship rules and steps in order to be granted a green card. Types of Visas The type of visa […]

When your home country is under turmoil and duress, a lot of stress is placed on you. In those stressful moments, the idea of properly filling out an application for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) may raise a lot of questions. Use this guide compiled by immigration lawyers in Las Vegas to address some of the […]

The United States immigration system offers a number of different opportunities for people to be able to escape their home countries when they fear for their lives. These legal protections can include asylum, refugee status and temporary protected status. Of course, these protections are not awarded automatically. If you are seeking to be protected by […]

When it is deemed appropriate, the United States will offer refugee or asylum status to people who need to seek protection from unsafe or inhumane conditions in their home countries. In some circumstances, the Department of Homeland Security will offer that refugee to the population of an entire country. When this happens, it is called […]

Even though the process may take some time, thousands of people are granted entry to the United States in one form or another. However, in order to protect the country as a whole, there are times when an application is denied and that person is deemed inadmissible. Grounds of Inadmissibility Every application that is submitted […]

Contrary to popular belief, the United States immigration system is not as cold and hard as many may think. There are options available for people who need to escape their countries for a number of different emergency situations. These include the ability to apply for refugee or asylum. There is even an option that is […]

Many seek entry to the United States for a specific purpose. For that purpose, they need to be able to stay in the U.S. for longer than the typical vacation but not permanently. For these people, there are temporary or nonimmigrant visas. Learn the basics of the nonimmigrant visa so that you can apply with […]